Sales Discontinued - A high-spec Adventure MSX2 game entered into the MSXdev 22 competition!

We've just been contacted through both Facebook and Twitter that if you head on over to the MSXDev competition page, you can download or play online the latest game release of Sales Discontinued. A new Adventure MSX2 game by NOP in which the website says is not only a rather unique game for a unique system, but it has extraordinary hardware requirements. To coincide with this news, you can view the latest screenshots below and play the game linked online via File-Hunter.

According to MSXDev the Dutch group NOP enters the dev show with their point-and-click graphic adventure called 'Sales Discontinued'; a game which makes use of the MSX2 with a minimum of 512K of RAM, DOS2, a hard-disk with FAT16 and OPL4. If that wasn't enough to entice you to play the game, the website itself says: "the game engine was written from scratch in 100% assembly code, uses a custom designed tokenized scripting language, contains more than 30,000 scripting lines and 5,000 lines of dialog, resulting in what – they think – must be the most storage space hogging MSX™ game ever!".

Links :1) Source 2) Play Online 3) Website


  1. This looks stuning. As I don't like playing games in my browser I tried the game with blueMSX but I'm unable to start it. I don't find a way to mount the hd-image file (or the folder version).

  2. Perhaps try OpenMSX instead? Then you can mount the image like this: openmsx -machine Philips_VG_8235 -ext ide -hda ~/path/sdcard.dsk

  3. RTFM and download the HD image version. It already includes a batch file for the optimal openMSX settings.

    1. Yeah, I later found out about the "f*ing manual", installed openMSX, changed the paths of the prepared cmd-file to fit the openmsx.exe, collected all the necessary roms and still - the game doesn't start directly when I run the cmd-file, only leads me to the MSX input prompt (or how you call that thing). The hd is mounted as drive a:. What do I have to do to run the game? Thanks for your help.

  4. Post a screenshot to the forum and ask for help there:


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