Alien Astro Frenzy - An endless Shooter released for the ZX Spectrum by Vintage Software Systems

The retro games just keep on coming, as thanks to another heads up earlier today from a good friend of ours, we have been told us that Vintage Software Systems, who were behind games such as Cosmic Space Attack, Super Alien Blast and Super Meteor Blast have released the endless Shooter of 'Alien Astro Frenzy for the ZX Spectrum. A game in which you must wipe out dangerous enemies and retrieve the mega fusion crystals that have been stolen by aliens to power their deadly astro-base.

Alien Astro Frenzy is a newly created 48K ZX Spectrum game. Suitable for use with original vintage machines, ZX Spectrum emulators on any operating system, or as a standalone retro game for PC. The PC game also features CRT display emulation, complete with phosphor persistence, screen curvature adjustable controls, waves of enemies, dangerous structures and more you'll just have to experience in the demo provided below.

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