Spaceman Kerl - A new game has surfaced for the Amstrad CPC by Fitosoft

Something slightly different for today's retro heads up, as we've just been contacted by Saberman, that as of today you can download the latest release of Spaceman Kerl for the Amstrad CPC by Fitosoft. A new game in which playing as Paratrooper Kerl, you must traverse through space to rescue those that are stranded below. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also done a new video which gives us a better look at the gameplay of Spaceman Kerl.

Here is what the website says about the game which seems to be badly translated. "Paratrooper Kerl has had a change of scenery. He is now in outer space where he has to help someone trapped below. To do so, he has to descend gradually from one platform to another, taking into account the use of 3 types of resources that exist in the scenario. He will have to ration these resources with intelligence and suspicion in order not to run out of fuel in the jet he is carrying on his back, the amount of drilling machines or the additional tiles provided that allow him to extend some of the platforms".

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  1. Nice kind of game. Unfortunately sound is lagging and no autostart :(


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