Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen - Could this love letter to 80's and 90's classics for the MSX2 be a winner?

Unless you were living in a cave, many of you will remember the classic game that is ' Super Mario Bros ', a game that was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and released by that famous company Nintendo in the late 80's for the NES. It is an incredible platformer that has had many sequels and spin offs on different systems, ranging from the NES all the way up to my personal favorite the DS. Well if you too are a fan of Mario but are looking for something fresh on the MSX2, you'll be interested to know that as of right now you can play Fabulous 8bit's love letter to Super Mario Bros called "Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen"; The 31st entry into the MSXdev22 competition.

With a size of over 1MB, this MegaROM packs some potential to have you entertained for quite a while.

The inception of the game goes back to 2020 when Pål Frogner Hansen had just realized that the MSX retro scene was alive and thriving. Yet with roots in demo-programming in the 90’s and working as a professional game programmer from 1997-2003, he set about creating Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen. A game that has been developed with a team of talent such as Julie Trevland who is a young versatile artist, and Wolf who is one of the veteran composers of the Dutch MSX-demoscene, skilled in FM-synthesis.

While a much more detailed write up can be found (HERE) which I'd highly recommend everyone to check out. Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen isn't just an Honor/Tribute to Wonder Boy and other legendary platformers such as Super Mario Bros, but while the creator has said there is a clear goal that it should maximize the MSX2 capabilities. The key notes behind the games creation is that it should be smooth, snappy, responsive, have Powerups, feel good colors, multi-directional smooth scrolling and yes true to the classics. So yes this is one game that every MSX 2 owner should be play right now.

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