1942 - A classic Arcade Shooter arrives on the Atari 7800 and it's GOOD!

In 1984 a great shoot em up was released for the Arcade by Capcom and that game was 1942. A game in which you shoot down enemy planes, avoided being shot out of the sky and performed awesome rolls while collecting power ups. One of the more unusual power ups was being escorted by two other planes in formation that gave you the edge. It was an awesome game and still is today, but the news of right now is thanks to a heads up in our email, we've been told Playsoft has released the Arcade game of 1942 for the Atari 7800, and yes it's bloody good too!

If you've ever played that classic game then you know what to expect with this one, fly your plane above the landscape and shoot down all the other enemy planes that come your way. What makes this release rather special for the Atari 7800 with required DragonFly, is not only is it one of the best versions we've played so far, but those that have played it have said it's the most accurate 8-bit version, there's tons of enemies, no sprite-flicker and the Yamaha music on the premier video's very close to the arcade(Yurt Dweller).

Currently you will need a DragonFly to play it on real hardware. If you have not already done so, I highly recommend applying the CPLD fix, otherwise there is a good chance you may see issues when running the game. These can include graphics corruption, lock ups, crashes or stack dumps.

Links :1) Forum 2) Download


  1. Awesome port!!! IMO best 8 bits version.

  2. This looks amazing. I remember selling my ColecoVision in 1984 for the 7800. Those Pole Position II screenshots in magazines grabbed me. Then it was endlessly delayed and I eventually moved on to an Amiga. Best decision I ever made. By the time the 7800 came out in the U.S. it was way too late. NES ruled and pretty much anything was more powerful. Still, it's nice to see people pushing this little console to its limits nowadays.

  3. Please convert this for the C64! The official release is garbage.

  4. Very nice water/waves. Especially the way they pass the nicely drawn islands.

  5. Very well made and dangerously addictive!
    I got hooked from the first seconds of playing it.

  6. most pretty, gameplay seems spot on, bueno.


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