Bruce Lee - Return of Fury - A continuation of a classic 80's game has been released for the Atari XL/XE

In 1984 Datasoft released a brilliant arcade platformer called 'Bruce Lee' which was based on the famous motion picture martial artist. It was and still is a highly regarded platformer that is still loved to this day and can be played by anyone. But boy do we have some great news for you, as a Bruce Lee fan game by the name of Bruce Lee - Return of Fury, originally released for the PC, then by MegaStyle for the C64, has appeared on the Atari XL/XE thanks to Ute, Fantomas and Konstantinos Giamalidis.

If you loved the original game but want to play a fresh new look to Bruce Lee while retaining many of the classic core features then look no further than Bruce Lee - Return of Fury. It is a game that could almost be described as a true sequel to that classic title, as everything about it is just superb and will not disappoint with the fans! As for what is new other than keeping the core gameplay intact as if it was released by the original team themselves, it now features a brand new world to play through, two different versions to choose, and finally those versions have either original DMX sprays, or new objects by Tix.

Links :1) Forum  2) Download: Bruce Lee: Return of Fury ( orig. sprites ), Bruce Lee: Return of Fury ( TIX sprites ) 3) Website


  1. Wow... as I can see on the video, this version of the game is even more infuriating than the C64 version. Especially with those jumps where Bruce is basically pushed back from the lanterns and falls into a blade pit. The original Bruce Lee could be hard at times, but wasn't a constant exercise in frustration. Especially not right at the beginning of it. So this game on both the C64 and the Atari should be renamed as "Bruce Lee - The rise of inFURYation."

    1. So true. Some of the new C64 games could have been (or rather, could be, since their creators are still around) much better with a decreased difficulty level. Bad Moon Rising comes to mind -- the game itself is ingenious, but way too hard to be enjoyable.

  2. Bruce Lee still has less gravity as he would have on the moon

  3. Some Bugs 🙄

  4. Bruce Lee is awesome, warts and all. It's one of the only platform games where losing your footing can cause you to stumble.

  5. Can someone please advise how to d/l these new games then make them available on my 800xl? is there USB drive with an 800xl port or something? Thanks for any help.


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