The Pumpkins - All Hallows' Eve : An incredible Scene demo for the C64 with a new game Slash with Ash

Something slightly different from C64 gaming, as Atlantis, Bonzai, Genesis Project, Lethargy, Offence , Pretzel Logic and Wrath Designs have officially released the latest scene demo that was shown at this weekend's C64 Demo Competition at Zoo 2022 party to blow your speakers and your mind! This is 'All Hallows' Eve'; a musical treat of real SID playback and great artistic detail that will most likely earn it's place at one of the top most downloaded scene demo's on CSDb.

While there is not much else to say from us, the feedback for this latest All Hallows' Eve scene demo via CSdb is very good indeed. Feedback such as "Absolutely rock solid theme from beginning until the end! One of the best demos I have ever seen", and "Gentlemen, congratulations to all of you on this wonderful job. I am absolutely blown away by a really amazing demo I feel like I'm watching a movie. Great respect on my part to all of you. The code, graphics and music are simply amazing". So yes if you've got a C64 make sure to check this latest release out.

Links :1) Source 2) Download


  1. Absolutely smashing demo by the Pumpkins!

  2. Totally insane! Watched it on my real C64 with CRT. Thanks to everyone for doing this production. Freaking rules!

  3. absolutely hands down one of the best demos i have seen on c64, incredible. that ending is insane


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