Akalabeth World of Doom - A classic Lord British RPG is being ported over to the ZX Spectrum

Before I begin i'd just like to say, that sometimes if it wasn't for our members, we'd miss out on some rather interesting game releases, and so, thanks to Roman Sandaevsky, he's just given us the heads up for ' Akalabeth World of Doom ', a game which is being ported over to the ZX Spectrum. Now to raise your eyebrows even more so this isn't just any game, but according to a number of sources, Akalabeth: World of Doom was originally a game for the Apple II released in 1979, and designed by none other than Richard Garriott aka Lord British.

Also according to the wikipedia page for this game : "Akalabeth: World of Doom is a role-playing video game released in 1979 for the Apple II. It was published by California Pacific Computer Company in 1980. Richard Garriott designed the game as a hobbyist project, which is now recognized as one of the earliest known examples of a role-playing video game and as a predecessor of the Ultima series of games that started Garriott's career". So yes you can see why I'm just a little bit excited to play this upcoming port for the ZX Spectrum, a new port with added features such as 5 awesome AY-tracks by Maestro Wally!


  1. It would be awesome to see more of the gameplay. Liked the music a lot!

  2. Akalabeth is sometimes colloquially known as "Ultima 0", so this is pretty great news for Speccy owners!


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