Tournament Arkanoid ZX - A mod of the classic game of 'Arkanoid' featuring awesome new artwork via Jarrod Bentley!

Ready your paddles retro gamers, as a new game is now available to download and play on your ZX Spectrum by Martyn Carroll. This latest release called Tournament Arkanoid, is a brand new mod of the classic game of 'Arkanoid' featuring awesome new artwork from Jarrod Bentley, as a nod to the Arcade version released back in 1987. To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a video of the game which shows the new loading screen as well as many great levels from the Arcade version which appeared in the states.

Here is what Planet Sinclair says about this news announcement: After The Last Arkanoid and Arkanoid III, both national MODs, we now have a new MOD, with a loading screen by the well-known Jarrod Bentley, an exceptional graphic artist. MOD, as the name implies, recreates Taito's official game from the Tournament Arkanoid arcades, which came out exclusively on the North American market in 1987. You can thus expect 32 levels of great difficulty, just as it did on the machines.

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  1. I love Arkanoid and this looks fantastic - love the analogue control on Vaus. Gotta say though, the C64 sound effects are unbeatable.


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