Castle Escape - The full version of a charming ZX Spectrum game by IrataHack is here

Welcome to a fabulous release for the ZX Spectrum called 'Castle Escape' by IrataHack. In this game you play as a Knight struggling with the weight of his armor, as he must make his escape from a haunted Castle by collecting lots of loot and avoiding dangerous enemies!  It's just a shame his armor gets in the way because without the purple eggs, which give him a limited amount of anti-gravity, he's just too damn heavy to jump high enough and may even be crushed as he falls from a great height.

Here is what the website says about the game which was also released some time back for the ZX Spectrum Next. "Wee Knight must escape the haunted castle collecting gold coins and dodging the castles deadly inhabitants as he goes. Due to the enormous weight of his armor, Wee Knight cannot jump very high unless he consumes the purple eggs found within the castle. But beware, the anti-gravity effects of the eggs do not last long leaving Wee Knight at risk of missing out on the castles many treasures. Prolong life by collecting the hearts and don’t let Wee Knight fall too far or he'll be crushed by the weight of his own armor."

  • Sprites & Tiles - Supported by Carnivac
  • Tile & Sprite conversion - Headkaze
  • Tape & Disk Loaders - Courtesy of Tom Dalby (ZXSTLC)
  • screen$ and menu art - Created by crayon
  • Converted to .scr with PNG-to-SCR
  • Torment font - by DamienG
  • Coding - IrataHack
  • Levels - Designed with Tiled by IrataHack
  • Music - Borrowed from WYZTracker
  • Sound Effects - Created using WYZTracker

Links :1) Source 2) ZX Spectrum Next 3) Physical Tape

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  1. Love the game (and the music!) Anywhere I can download the song from?


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