Kye - A C64 port of Colin Garbutt's puzzle game from 1992

Another challenging puzzler has graced our C64 screens today, as thanks to Saberman letting us know through Facebook, he has told us that if you head on over to the website linked below, you can download the latest release of 'Kye' by cobbpg ; A C64 port of Colin Garbutt's puzzle game from 1992, Kye. In light of this news, especially if you like Puzzle games then make sure to check out the latest gameplay footage provided by our good friend Saberman.

Here is what is described about the original game located (here) : "This is a shareware puzzle game, registration originally designed to support the charity "Save the Children." In it, you play a green ball whose object is to go through the maze and get all of the diamonds. There's many enemies that you have to watch out for, but you're also given many tools to help you deal with the enemies. You're given a hint at the beginning of each level, and the level name at the end."

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  1. Extremely nice game! Really really good! Nice release


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