Summer Santa 2022 - A 2022 overhaul of a 1986 ZX Spectrum game by Alpha-Omega Software!

Another festive news story for you all, and one I think it might be worth a load up on your home speccy through the Christmas period, is the latest ZX Spectrum game overhaul of 'Summer Santa 2022' by  Paul Jenkinson. A complete re-write of a very buggy and graphically unappealing ZX Spectrum game which was originally released by Alpha-Omega Software way back in 1986. In light of this news, Saberman has done a short video showing how the game looks compared to back in the 80's!

1986 version...Ewwww!

In brief here is what our good friends Planet Sinclair says about this new update "Summer Santa was a game released in 1986 by Alpha-Omega Software, a subsidiary of CRL, which became famous for no better reason. In fact, the game was very poor. Nothing intuitive, full of bugs, a surreal collision system, so weak it was, atrocious graphics  But now, Paul Jenkinson, a fruitful programmer and who brings us the unmissable magazine The Spectrum Show monthly, took Summer Santa and completely reformulated it. Graphically improved ( a change from night to day ), added new rooms, corrected bugs, but above all, managed to make the game what the 1986 version was not: playable".

Links :1) Website (Download at bottom of page)

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  1. original song from the game


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