Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny - A classic 1980's RPG might be coming to the Atari XL/XE!

In the 80's many of us had the pleasure of playing Ultima V, it was arguably one of the best RPG's ever released which featured a top down playing field with lush landscapes, towns, further detailed dungeons, and an expansive Underworld to explore. So now as a complete surprise to us, Saberman was kind enough to let us know this morning, that Atlan_Roland might be porting that classic game over to the Atari XL/XE. In light of this news not only can you view a video of what's been done so far, but there's a very early version to try below.

According to the creator : This is a WIP of a Ultima V Engine reimplementation he's working on, based on the assets of the MS-DOS Version of Ultima V. A quite substantial set of the features of the base engine are actually working, the most glaring things missing are: the monsters, fighting, stats & party mgmt.  and .. well, a game. But at least you can see what's been so far, and are able to give it a test run below.

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  1. That's pretty cool. And it's a hell of a work for sure. But have to admit I'd prefer original games instead of ports. Something like Ghislain did with Realms of Quest V for the VIC-20 or Adam with Realms of Antiquity for the Ti-99/A4.


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