Whirlybirds - A Doom-ish tech demo released by Puls4r for the C64 & Plus/4

I think after this I'm going to take the weekend off(it's Christmas too), as it has been non stop this week with some fantastic game news from across the globe for many different retro systems. But anyway, hot off the press is the new Commodore 64 and Plus/4 game of ' Whirlybirds ' by Puls4r; a new game which according to the Plus/4 world website, is a sort of Doom-ish tech demo. In light of this news as per my request, Saberman has also done a short gameplay video of Whirlybirds.

Here is what Plus/4 World describes about this new release. "Puls4r proudly drops its X-Mas greets card with Whirlybirds, drawing on it the signs of Mad for the code, KiCHY drawing the graphics here, and sitting at the console audio it's none the less than 5tarbuck. They teamed up once again in order to port on the Plus/4 the very first Doom-ish game ever, a sort of tech-demo – yet a real full game anyway! – showing a smart mix of both Texture Mapping and Vectors which seems to work quite on the brilliant side!"

Links :1) Source 2) C64 Version


  1. Reminds me of Sapiens on Amstrad CPC.

  2. splendid ! .. remember Legends of Valour for amiga.

  3. This game engine could allow interesting variations of old freescape games like Castle Master, Driller, or Total Eclipse...

  4. MEGA65 and it will be smooth as butter :D


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