Dizzy Three and a Half! - Commodore Plus/4 conversion of a 90's Dizzy mini game!

Dizzy games are a big hit on Indie Retro News as they are one of the greatest series of games ever to appear on retro based systems, even if some would disagree. Each game told its own story about the little egg called Dizzy and the happenings with all his yolk folk friends, it was like a cartoon series but in a game. With plenty of different areas, difficult puzzles to solve, uniquely designed backgrounds and colorful characters this was a game series set in the hearts of millions!

So why is this lovable character getting yet another mention on IRN; A game character created by the rather famous The Oliver Twins? Well here we are with yet another Dizzy release! As thanks to a heads up from a Dizzy fan and Saberman, we have been told the 1991 mini-adventure as a pre-cursor to Magicland Dizzy released only on the on the cover tape of Crash magazine, has been converted over to the Plus/4 by Ulysses777!

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