Accuse - A murder mystery game for the Commodore 64 by Marco Giorgini

An early afternoon heads up for all the retro gamers out there, as we've recently been trawling the itch io website looking for some new games to play, and have just found out that Marco Giorgini has released the murder mystery game of 'Accuse' for the Commodore 64. As in the words of the creator "After the minimal Cloak of Darkness demo game, I decided to reimplement another "classic" little IF game, using my storytllr64, my WIP C64 graphic text adventure engine". 

Furthermore the developer also goes on to say " This time I've selected Accuse, by David A. Wheeler, a 2007 (vaguely) Cluedo-like replayable game, released under GPL 2 or later license (yes, that means I'll release my version under the same license too). A murder, in a mansion, with three suspects, three potential murder weapons, and five locations, and you, a detective with "powers", able to understand if a specific accusation is correct or not".

"Being each play based on a random selection, you could play this game more than once, even if (as even the original author admitted) this is more a logical puzzle game than a mystery game (so the environment is just "for fun" than something you need to analyze). Anyway, the game is free, the source code is available, and I guess that my Accuse release could be worth a try if you're into this kind of game :-)".

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  1. Nice little game this. Like the overall atmosphere it creates.

  2. Looks great. I wish there were more games like this on the Amiga, too. Platformers are great, and it's really nice to witness their renaissance with the Scorpio engine, but this is the kind of games I truly miss.

  3. there is a typo in the title ( the author's name is wrong )

    1. Cheers ANON fixed! Dyslexia got in the way :)

  4. Outstanding! Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin Murder would be Proud! Well done Marco!!!

  5. Nice to see the C64 again, that's a real talent you have there... welldone.


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