Elite +4 Flicker free Pi - A flicker free and UPDATED classic as the definitive version for the C64/Plus/4 is now available

As we said before, we've always had a soft spot for Elite ever since the original 1984 release and then the fantastic sequel 'Frontier Elite II' on the Amiga in 1993. Each one vastly different in graphical quality, but still giving a space-sim sci-fi experience like no other allowing the user to fight in space, trade, complete missions and even in Frontier Elite II land on planets. However for those of you who own a C64 or Plus/4 should check out the latest release of Elite +4 Flicker free Pi. A flicker free and updated version freshly introduced by Mark Moxon – of Pigmy's great classic Elite +4 as the definitive version for the C64 and Plus/4.

While we did a big article feature of Elite +4 back in September of last year, here is what Plus/4 world says about this new version of Elite +4 Flicker Free Pi. "Mark Moxon comes back on his own footsteps, and improves the flicker free version of the super classic Elite +4 released some months ago by (almost) fixing the planets' flickering too! The cleanest version of the "game of a lifetime" (cit.) is now here".

"Elite +4 Flicker free Π (pron.: Elite +4 Flicker free Pi) is the title of this new and apparently ultimate hack of the famous 3D space trading simulation, where, after the first fix regarding the ships, the planets have been (almost) fixed too. Why we say "almost"? Well, in all the versions, including the BBC original where those patches have been based, planets still flicker a bit when partially off-screen. This is because of the way the ball line buffer works: it's a consequence of the way the circles are stored as sequential arcs, forcing the erase/redraw sequence to involve slightly different segments. So this isn't strictly flicker-free, but it's way better than the default. On C64 and Plus/4, this is even more evident due to the slower processor".

"This was the best moment to celebrate the genius of Pigmy, the man who converted the game when he was 15, in less than a week, using only a Datassette and the internal ML Monitor of the machine. That's why Luca took his time to give the original intro a cooler aspect. Overall, with a modernized titlescreen and a stable wireframe 3D, *this* is the Elite +4 version worth to be run on your hardware".

So without further ado, here are the links for all to enjoy!

Links :1) C64 2) Plus/4

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