Treasure Island Dizzy Extended Edition has been released for the ZX Spectrum!

We've just come across a great news story especially if you have a ZX Spectrum, as we've been told through our Dizzy RetroGaming Facebook group and through Twitter, that the classic game of 'Treasure Island Dizzy', which was released back in the 1980's, has been re-released as an Extended Edition. As in the words of The Dizzy Fansite "Dr. Titus previously brought us an Extended Edition of Dizzy TUCA in 2021, and now its Treasure Island's turn for the Spectrum! Bug fixes, new locations, lives, plus more...".

While the original version did have an improved inventory system and improved animations, many felt the game was incredibly difficult even compared to the other games in the series. Although there was fewer enemies, you didn't have any lives and two main tasks to complete: the escape from the islands, and the collection of the thirty coins which proved to be more difficult than the main game with some coins hidden from view. Thankfully for those of you who want to replay this game but as a far more enjoyable experience, you'll be pleased to know the game doesn't just start with 3 lives, there's also a ton of new additions and changes listed below.

  • — Speed performance improved.
  • — You now start the game with 3 lives.
  • — To make the lives are worth adding, ‘The Rubber Snorkle’ will become a permanent fixture to the inventory when it reaches the top of the list, leaving you able to only pick up 2 items.
  • — Some graphics and colours have changed in some locations.
  • — Over 18 new rooms added.
  • — Some Coins and Items have been relocated.
  • — Over 7 new items added.
  • — Some scrolls now give you new information.
  • — In 128k mode, ingame music can now be switched on or off by pressing M – Just like on the C64 version.
  • — In 128k mode, the game should no longer crash upon completing the game.
  • — The game is better coloured, clashing is reduced.
  • — Added several lives.
  • — Added Dizzy restore points.
  • — Graphics speed is accelerated by several times, the game is synchronised with frame scan if possible. Everything has become faster and smoother.
  • — Added +18 screens.
  • — Added +7 items and some other graphics.
  • — Some old objects are better drawn.
  • — The story has been expanded.
  • — Added additional sounds.
  • — Russian translation made.
  • — Fixed uneven borders of drop-down scrolls.
  • — Fixed scores.
  • — Added turning off music on the ‘M‘ key.
  • — Fixed a large number of graphical conflicts and glitches.
  • — Fixed a large number of internal errors, including those that caused the game to reset or crash.
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  1. what a nice game! I love this, amazing!

  2. It's my favorite Dizzy game (notwithstanding the difficulty of obtaining all the coins), and I don't really see the need for an extended version. I don't know how many screens the original game consisted of, but adding 18 new ones seem a bit excessive. With the effort gone into this release, the author could have just created a whole new Dizzy game -- which I would have tried the moment it came out, probably...

  3. My 2nd favorite Dizzy game (Fantasy World Dizzy is my #1). Such an enjoyable game. Thanks to those that made this version.


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