Vradark's Revenge - A new Action RPG to enjoy for your PC and ZX Spectrum Next!

Crater Crawler isn't the only game to grace the ZX Spectrum NEXT system as another game is worthy of a mention on Indie Retro News which looks equally enjoyable, and it's Sanchez Crew's latest release of Vradark's Revenge; An Action RPG in which you need to enter the ancient and dark Tomb to meet Vradark face to face, to defeat him and to carry out the soul swap to free his captive. To coincide with this news, we also have some footage of the game which as ever can be viewed below.

Here is what the website says about the game which is available for both PC and the ZX Spectrum Next "“Vradark’s Revenge” is a fantasy game in the Action RPG genre. The game has several levels, each one inhabited by a different evil Demon. The player plays as a Wizard, the goal of the player in each level is to find the Demon, at the same time destroying all sorts of magical evil things and boosting his abilities, and in the final battle to destroy the main Demon. Repeating this action in each subsequent level, the player will eventually reach the Vradark – the main villain".

"By killing evil spirits in the process, the player also earns money which they can spend in the magic shops which are found in each level. If the player character runs out of health points, he dies and is revived at the beginning of the current level, losing equipment and money. If, however, the player dies in battle against one of the bosses, they have a chance to fight the boss again. But to do so, he must win in a special minigame".

Links :1) PC(Windows) Version 2) ZX Spectrum Next - Cheers Liqmatrix for the heads up!


  1. This looks awesome!

  2. Remind me "Druid" and "Druid II"

  3. Strong Druid 2: Enlightenment vibes from this.

  4. Looks pretty cool, will check it out on Steam.


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