VIOS - Enhanced Edition by Carl Mason for the Commodore 64

Trawling through the latest The New Dimension entries looking for a decent C64 game to play, and one that stood out in the crowd was Carl Mason's updated and enhanced Commodore 64 Shoot em up of ' VIOS '. This game according to The New Dimension, is an updated version of the game which now features special enhancements such as a new front end, a hi score table, as well as other bits described in the information below the gameplay video provided by Per Ola Eriksson and Saberman.

Here is what TND says about VIOS - Enhanced. "Many years ago, Carl wrote a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up (Using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit) called "V.I.O.S". TND released two versions of the game. Now we have a very special enhanced version of VIOS. Although it is the same game, this new version features special enhancements such as a new front end with hi score table, get ready and game over scenes". 

"There is also a new status panel, and also some really smart background animation trickery made espeically made for the water stage. The game still features the title and in game music which was made for VIOS 2011. Guide your two VIOS fighters and do battle against the evil Rynax empire, which threatens to take over your world. During your battle, your squadron will encounter deadly bosses, they may be indestructible, but don't worry - help is at hand. Pickup power ups to boost your score, as these will be vital to gain extra lives".

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  1. Looks decent and entertaining.

  2. Unable to sign in to comment.(something changed recently?). Looks great, music sounds nice too

  3. finally a shmup that looks fun. Music is incredible. Great stuff. Reminds me Aleste from SMS.


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