Space Station 23 - A rather cool Commodore 64 game released by Vector5 Games

We've had some pretty decent games lately, from the more recent Xevious 1200 on the Commodore Amiga, to Super Bomberman 2 Remix on the ZX Spectrum and Rambler on the C64. Well if you're looking for even more cool news to keep you company throughout this weekend then make sure to check out Vector5 Games latest C64 game of 'Space Station 23'; A new game in which playing as Joe Phoenix, you must restore power to a doomed Space Station while also killing lots of deadly Aliens!

Here is what the website says about the game. " Space Station 23 has been hit by an asteroid and it's partly destroyed. The space station is also invaded by a nasty species of aliens. Joe Phoenix is back from the jungle and is now sent to the rescue. His mission is to collect resources to restore the full power of the space station and evict and kill all the aliens". The game features,10 levels (3 exterior themed and 7 interiors themed), 240 different rooms to explore and the ability to save and load games.

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  1. Very nice, great atmosphere e stunning play !!!!!
    I Love Finnish people. Siete meravigliosi.

  2. Props for the name. I only recently learned the original is coming to Steam 'soon'

  3. Best game I ever played on C64! I wish there are more series to this game!! Heck! Even a construction set to this game would be sweet!!


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