Tenebra - An atmoshperic 8bit game by Haplo arrives on the Commodore Amiga

Another retro gaming news story for you all, as we've recently been informed by Saberman, that the previously released Amstrad, C64, Plus 4 and ZX Spectrum game of Tenebra by Haplo, is now available for the Commodore Amiga. For those of you who haven't heard of this game before, Tenebra is an atmospheric puzzle game with rogue-like elements that ended up getting a sequel for the C64 called Tenebra 2. To coincide with this news not only has Saberman done a video of Tenebra, but you can purchase it for the Amiga via the itch io page below.

As we said before, Tenebra is an atmospheric puzzle game with rogue-like elements. Guide the hapless protagonist to the exit, but also keep in mind that he is afraid of darkness and refuses to walk in the dark areas. The game contains many different levels! For those of you who want to know if the game is any good, people have been giving positive feedback for the 8bit versions such as "Really nice game Haplo. Great work!" and "I couldn't stop playing! This is one of the best C64 game for me. It's completely to my taste. Thank you!"

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  1. Great game, but not sure the point of the Amiga version apart from some enhanced sound effects. Can't see much difference between it and the C64 version.

    1. Yeah it would have been nice to get some more color in as opposed to a monochrome game.

    2. The point is to run on a Amiga, not a C64? And adding colour would kinda ruin the atmosphere and aesthetic the game purposely uses.

  2. Inspired by House Of Leaves?


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