Devwill Too ZX 2.0 - Version 2.0 of a great ZX Spectrum game by Amaweks!

Another retro gaming news update today, as if you enjoyed the ZX Spectrum release of Devwill Too by Amaweks, then as of today you can also play the latest version 2.0 which is available below. This game available for purchase from, is not only an Arcade game based on the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis version, but in the game you must traverse multiple levels, avoid deadly traps or falling to your death, and get cool combo points for jumping on multiple enemies in each level. 

Here is what the creator says about this new update. "Just passing to inform you that Devwill Too for ZX Spectrum got an Update, now with a 2.0 version. The ain of this was make it more on par with the MSX versions, adding some details and quality control enhancements, like the correct controls. Now that I know better how to do things on MPAGD I was able to free some space on the code to make this update. The older versions are still on the zip file, and the readme files were updated as well."

The ZX Spectrum 2.0 version has the following news:

  • New default keys and joystick support
  • Level Design adjustments
  • Background graphics tweeks (waterfalls and other small details)
  • Added a title screen
  • Added a ilustration screen on the end of the game
  • Player respawn happens on the side the player last entered the screen.
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  1. I like the look of this. This game has style,

  2. This game is more colourful as some new Amiga games. Not an opinion but a fact.

    1. They're doing different things. Sometimes people still make black and white movies even though colour film has been possible for well over a century. Usually an aesthetic choice. Young Frankenstein, Raging Bull, Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Schindler's List, Sin City. All highly regarded black and white movies (the latter with extremely tiny bits of colour in certain scenes for emphasis) made decades after colour movies became the norm. Even in the past decade Frankenweenie, Cold War, Roma, Nebraska, Computer Chess all in black and white. There's even a black and white version of 2017's Logan titled 'Logan Noir' that some people prefer over the regular colour version. So someone wants to make an Amiga game in just black and white, even just monochrome. You don't have to play it if you don't want to.


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