Dragonwood - A lovely looking WIP game by Steril707 for the Atari XL/XE, first alpha download!

Another retro gaming article to keep you company and yes we've certainly had a crazy week of it, is a brand new game (alpha) for the Atari XL/XE called 'Dragonwood. This latest addition to a long list of enjoyable games that we have seen for this system. Is a new game from Steril707 in which you have traverse deadly locations, while avoiding nasty traps and enemies that will deal you harm. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also done a video showing the game in action.

Here is what the creator says about Dragonwood back in 2022 way before this Alpha was made available for play testing. "I am currently doing little a one week game jam for the Atari 8 bitters to get away a bit from my current big project, creating a SHMUP called "Hyperblaster - Inviyya2" for the AGA Amigas and the Neo Geo. Goal is learning the system, and creating a very short game while doing so. Game's name will be "Dragonwood". It's really just a very short little action game, though. Just get from left to right in the screens without getting killed. That's all there is to it at the moment. Might get a bit bigger when I finished my big Amiga/NeoGeo-Project". 

Links :1) Source 2) Download


  1. Looks great. Reminds me of a gunless Exolon

  2. The main -male?-sprite needs an urgent redesign when its not moving/ limping .

    1. Yes, main sprite needs a little work. The rest is look very good so far. As mentioned, gameplay resembles Exolon, but graphics has a Heartland look to it.

  3. Considering the atari only has 4 background colors in that mode, there's some really clever use of raster interrupts. Looks great!


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