QUOD INIT EXIT IIo - The sequel to a colourful C64 game by Retream gets a new preview and it looks lovely!

In 2015 we gave a special mention to Retream's Arcade platformer of ' QUOD INIT EXIT ', a C64 game that had a cute little pig, lots of fast moving fruit and was so colourful you would've been silly not to load it up on a C64. Thankfully it looks as if the team want to continue the piggy greatness, as we have once again been informed through twitter, that they have released another preview of QUOD INIT EXIT IIo; A fabulous sequel of which are are really looking forward to playing when it's finished.

When we featured QUOD INIT EXIT IIm which is the minimal-sized (16 kB) sequel to QUOD INIT EXIT, we said that the game was overall an extremely addictive brand new game for your C64. Well if you loved QUOD INIT EXIT and it's smaller sized sequel, you'll be pleased to know that this version of the game as llo is not just a much bigger game. But will contain colorful high resolution background and sprites, full screen, free-positional sub-pixel 50 fps scrolling, a smoothly animated main character, cool background animations huge maps (2048 pixel wide and from 848 up to 928 pixels tall), and a hilarious introduction and ending in the form of short stories!

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  1. A C64 game that manage to look and play better -and without flickering- than many NES games -which had a clearly superior Cpu/Video Hardware & Cartridge Based- is quite an accomplishment .


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