The Last Defender - An addictive action blaster by LC-Games for the Commodore 64

If the latest release of Cursed Tomb wasn't enough to satisfy your Commodore 64 needs, there's another game you might like to play that was released just recently, and it's LC-Games new game of 'The Last Defender' for the C64! A game in which you not only need to blast away a hostile Alien race with only your laser rifle at your disposal, but you must also keep an eye on your energy supply while avoiding missiles and floating mines that are used by the enemy as a deterrent to prevent you from freely shooting at them. To coincide with this news, there's a new video uploaded which shows the game in action.

Here is what the website says about the story of 'The Last Defender'. "The year is 2073. A hostile alien race has arrived on earth, after crossing countless star systems, with the aim of taking over the planet. Initially taken by surprise, humanity managed to react and organize a resistance that made it possible to fend off various enemy attacks. However, this was not enough to repel the alien invader who is now about to carry out his plans for conquest. Only one last brave hero is left to fight. The entire human species is now counting on him to defeat the enemy and regain their freedom."

Links :1) Source  - Cheers Saberman for the heads up!

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