Speccy Soccer Community Edition 2023 - Sensible Soccer for your ZX Spectrum 128k?

I'll be straight with you, I can't stand football, I never liked it as a kid and I don't like watching it as an adult, even if it is the in thing for most sports watchers. However if you do like playing Football or Soccer games on your home computer, more especially retro ones, then it might be worth checking out Voxel Towers latest game for the ZX Spectrum called 'Speccy Soccer Community Edition 2023'. As in the words of the creator "a complete soccer/footy simulator for your zx spectrum 128kb".

Here is what the website says about Speccy Soccer Community Edition 2023 via the itch page below. "Speccy Soccer is possibly the most complete soccer/footy simulator for your zx spectrum 128kb. You will be able to experience all the excitement of soccer with a fast gameplay and super fine control. Play with your favorite team and move your players with a simple controls and make passes, volleys and shots on goal with a single button".

Features : 

  • 120 real teams 
  • Fouls
  • Throw-ins
  • Corner Kicks
  • Passes
  • Dribbles
  • Tackles
  • Header shots
  • Yellow/Red Cards
  • Injured
  • Penalty 
  • Referee
  • Post and crossbar hits
  • Substitutions
  • Shots with barrier
  • Realistic ball physics
  • Replay
  • 4 simultaneous players
  • Advanced artificial intelligence (3 levels)
  • 5 field types with different ball physics (normal, wet, dry, muddy, snow)
  • 4 color schemes
  • 3 CPU skill levels
  • KEMPSTON/SINCLAIR compatible joysticks
  • Stats per player (speed, agressive, control, power, sprint, accuracy)
  • Match facts
  • Fast gameplay
  • Music on menus and in-game
  • Great ambient and fx sounds
  • Curve shots
  • And the most important competition in the world, the great Speccy Cup!!!
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