Lunar Rescue RX - A near perfect recreation of a classic Arcade game for the ZX Spectrum!

Allan Turvey aka Highrise is certainly no stranger to Indie Retro News, releasing fabulous games for the ZX Spectrum such as Terrapins RX, Roust, Snowed Under and our personal favourite of InvAGDers Deluxe. Well Highrise is back in the news once more, as he has informed us that he has finally released Lunar Rescue RX; A near perfect recreation of a classic Arcade game from 1979 for the ZX Spectrum! To coincide with this news, we have some screenshots of the game below with a video to come soon from Saberman!

Here is what the website says about the game "This is a digital version of Lunar Rescue RX, a near perfect recreation of the classic Taito Arcade game from 1979. Both Keyboard and Kempston Joystick are supported. Navigate asteroid fields, rescue astronauts and destroy alien spacecraft in true golden age style. Currently features two game modes with more to come, for one or two players. Improved sound for machines with an AY chip. Note that this game (as well as a dozen or so others) is included as a Happy Coding patron supporters perk, so if you prefer you can obtain it that way here.

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