Rogue Declan Zero (Amiga) - Another addictive looking game from Nivrig is here to play!

Here's another great Commodore Amiga news story for all you fine retro gamers out there, as we've recently been informed via our good friend Nivrig Games, who also designed the highly enjoyable game of 'Turbo Tomato'. That if you head on over to his itch io website, you'll be able to play Nivrig's newest of creations called 'Rogue Declan : Zero'; a twin stick roguelite shooter for the Amiga which was originally started as a demonstration game to support the in-development twin-stick controller from Abstraction Games!

While the background of the game can be found at the old page linked (HERE), this is what the website says about the game "Rogue Declan Zero is an all-action, procedurally generated twin-stick roguelite shooter for the Classic Amiga 68k OCS/ECS platform. Delve with brave, brave Sir Declan into the demon-infested dungeons and find enough magical shards to open the final barrier to the Hellgate that is allowing the demons access to this realm. Then cast your carefully collected shards into the gate to close it and close it forever!"

Features :
  • 50fps 2D hell-blasting action
  • Billions of procedurally generated dungeons
  • Multiple control schemes, including the amazing new Abstraction Games twin-stick controller
  • Many enemies and traps to defeat
  • Upgrades to unlock as you progress
  • Legendary magical artifacts to recover
  • Hapless villagers to save
  • Online high score table for the Roguest Declans
  • Part of the AmiGameJam 2022
  • Minimum System Requirements
System Requirements : 
  • Classic Amiga OCS/ECS
  • Kickstart 1.3+
  • 512Kb Chip RAM
  • 512Kb Other RAM
Credits : 
  • Design & Programming - John Girvin
  • Audio - DJ METUNE, H0ffman
  • Graphics - Toni Galvez, 0x72
  • Audio Mixer - Jeroen Knoester
  • Music Player - Frank Wille
  • QA & Testing - CoffeeCupArcade, DDNI, Girolamo, Troupe, Retro32, JW
Links :1) Website ( Main Game )


  1. Nice! Man, almost every day something new for Amiga :) Couldnt be happier! Thank you for all these news!

    1. And.... Another one incoming! :D - You're welcome dude

  2. Fantastic game! This is how to control it with a Pad :D

  3. Very nice gameplay. That's how Amiga games should look like!

  4. interesting to see this kind of game on the amiga platform. seems to fit the amiga perfectly!


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