Batman - A great MSX2 remake of a classic Isometric game by Ocean Software

There are a lot of readers on our site that remember the 1980's Isometric games of Batman and Head Over Heels by Ocean Software: two great games for systems such as the Amstrad, ZX Spectrum, MSX1 and Amstrad PCW! So here's a great news story for fans of those games! As we have recently been told by Saberman, that the MSX 2 remake which was announced back in 2014 by AAMSX and FX Software, was released as a ROM file at some point in July 2023! A remake of the game of which we have never featured before, and can be seen in this new footage and related info below.

"This time it is good news for those who do not have a real MSX computer, or prefer to use an emulator to use their games. Those of you who were able to attend the talk I gave at the 60th Ru in Barcelona would already know the news.  I have contacted Guantxip the graphic designer, and the AAMSX who are to whom we have transferred the distribution rights of the Batman MSX2, and we all found it a good idea to release the ROM from the game. Several years have passed since the start, and although there are people who like to have games in physical ( and one of them ), there are people who cannot or do not want to play them on real MSX computer".

"Said release is made on the condition that you do not use the roms for commercial purposes. The game includes everything that includes the latest version of the game in cartridge, except for the recording in the cartridge ( obviously ). About Head over Heels we are talking to Piko Interactive who are the ones who have the rights to the brand. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do doing it".

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  1. Very cool. Did anyone ever do a c64 version of iso Batman? I remember desperately wanting that as a kid but it wasn't ported.

    1. I possibly recall that the same folks who ported Knight Lore & Alien 8 to the C64 mentioned it was on the list but I don't know what progress has been made. I would also love to see it. I can't see it being as good as this though, technically or the amount of effort required to attempt, but I guess Inside Outing proved that multicolor isometric was possible on C64 so who knows if it is or not?

  2. Never thought this one would see the light of day. Would be nice to see some of these other ones like Gauntlet for MSX2.

  3. Nice, I wonder if that means we might see FX Software Head Over Heels in ROM format as well one day.

  4. Good ! MSX version ? Is the best !

  5. I have some GFX bugs in the intro within FMSX emulator, but apart from that, it's a nice game, though sound of Batman is annoying.

  6. This looks so good I'd imagine this would be as good as an authentic Amiga port, like Head Over Heels was. MSX 2 was a bit of a beast, no? Still unfortunate about the horizontal scroll capabilities, that would have been the icing on the cake.

  7. I always thought it was hilarious that this game was just Head Over Heels with Batman in it.


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