Ooze: The Escape - A great 8bit game by Andy Johns and Haplo arrives on the Commodore Amiga!

If you have a Commodore Amiga you are going to love this news update that's been sent to us just moments ago by Saberman, as if you remember our previous announcement of Ooze; a game which was released for the ZX Spectrum by Andy Johns and then a later port by Haplo, with concept and art by Andy for the Commodore 64. Then as of today you can play the eagerly awaited Commodore Amiga version, which has also been created by Aldi Pouladi (HAPLO) and Andy Johns! To coincide with this news, as ever Saberman has done a video of the game in action.

So how good is this game and is it worth a play? Well here's the game details from the website to tell you more! "Help Ooze navigate through various corridors and laboratories, using its gravity-reversing powers to overcome obstacles and avoid the robotic guards in an attempt to escape from this dangerous subterranean complex.   Collect keys and insert them in the computer terminal to gain access to further areas.  Can you escape?"

"This is a port of the Spectrum version to Commodore Amiga.  The Amiga version adds these further enhancements: Improved graphics, sprites, animations and sound effects A much bigger map (almost double the size) Two more keys to collect New enemies and hazards The minimap tracks the visited rooms"

Links :1) Website 


  1. Why the angry emotes?

    1. No clue! Checking other sites it seems to be the difficulty! But I wouldn't take too much notice of negative emotes lol - 5 love it!

    2. Games are meant to be hard ! if they were easy theres no point to them. :D


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