Flimbo's Quest - A fun filled platformer is coming to the Atari XL/XE

This weekend has just got even better as solo/ng has announced that a new work in progress build of the Atari XL/XE conversion of ' Flimbo's Quest ', has been released via the AtariAge forums. A game that was announced some time ago by us as an Alpha tease through the Silly Venture 2018! For those who haven't heard of this game before however, it was first released by System 3 for the C64, Amiga, Atari ST and Amstrad CPC in 1990 as a 2D Platformer with great retro detail and a soundtrack that is so upbeat you'll find it hard to stop listening to.

Playing as Flimbo, you are on a quest to rescue Pearly, the beautiful queen of DewDrop Land who has been kidnapped by the evil Dandruff. Thanks to the help of professor Dazz Bazian, it's down to you to collect all the scrolls and to give them to the processor in order to be taken from level to level and eventually to Dandruff's Lab and rescue the damsel in distress! As for the latest version of the game, it now includes 2 x more sprites (almost like c64, 5 pieces possible proably), most bugs (~2 still here) fixed, all secrets working ok, and a secret weapon upgrade!

Links :1) Source  2) Download


  1. They did a fantastic job here, looks and sounds remarkably close to the C64 (best) version!

  2. Excellent adaption! Smooth parallax scrolling, well done screen mode splits, and on top of that. Absolutely top notch music. This is what the Atari XE/XL deserves. No less!

  3. Great conversion!! Maybe not so great as the c64 version...but really close to it!! i remember i smashed my third joystick playin flimbos's quest when i bought the game in 1990! A better game than hawkeye in my opinion and one of the best on c64!

  4. Looks and sounds amazing congrats to those invoveld in this project! Having said that I am quite shocked that it needs 576K to run.

    1. Btw,what happened to Blood Quest?

  5. Very very nice conversion 👌

  6. Works fine on my pi400 under retropie yet it needs some polishing, especially when it comes to color depth.
    Anyway, I thinks it's very promising and my compliments to the people working on this.
    Keep going !

  7. I think this is a fantastic conversion and extremely addictive on the atari xl I have the vbxe gfx installed and it looks awesome! Love the tune :) can't wait for the full final version


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