Escape Room - An exciting maze-adventure game for the Commodore 64

Even though it's getting really late and I'm almost falling asleep at the keyboard (old age? :p), I thought it best to give a shout out to this game that was mentioned to us many times through Twitch, and it's the exciting maze-adventure game of "Escape Room": A Commodore 64 game by fig-labs. A game in which the player will have certain amount of time to solve the maze in the total darkness using torch light only! To coincide with this news, Saberman has included a video and there's a more in-depth write up provided by the developer as well.

Here is what the itch io page says about 'Escape Room'. "Player will have certain amount of time to solve the maze in the total darkness using torch light only.  Torch has limited range and player can't see through the maze walls.  Torch range is shortening as the battery is draining. There are colored doors in the maze, and to open a door player must search for the keys from the maze. There are also traps whose needs to  be defused by solving direction patterns in the mini game.  Failing the mini game gives electric shock that reduces health a lot and successful defusing restores health a bit.  How many mazes you can solve?!".

  • Real time ray casting of the torch
  • Three difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard (will be added later)
  • Lots of  mazes for solving (will be added later). Final version can have up to 600 mazes to play.
  • Optional trailing that shows where player has moved during the game
  • Very catchy music and sound effects
  • Saved high scores  (will be added later)
  • Separate map editor (will be available later)
Links :1) Website 


  1. Have not played it yet but very impressive torch effect & freaky, catchy music.

  2. That filter on the music though <3


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