Giana Power Edition 2023 - The Great Giana Sisters for the C64 gets 16 new levels!

We've certainly heard a lot about that famous platformer the Great Giana Sisters from 1987, especially as it came back to the Amiga as a Giana Special Edition by Reimagine Games and then of course the Great Giana-Sisters Construction-Set, whereby you can create your own levels. But if you're looking for more Giana Sister retro gaming goodness, then make sure to check out the 'Giana Power Edition 2023' for the Commodore 64 : A new(ish) version of the game that features 16 new levels that were created with the construction set!

Now as we said before many of you already know of this game especially Amiga and C64 owners as this game has huge similarities to Super Mario and as such way back in the 80's also had an alleged lawsuit case against them from Nintendo. But in celebration of this rather famous or infamous game, you can try out the latest Giana Power Edition 2023 that is provided via the link below... Enjoy!

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  1. Nice to finally have a special edition for the C64. The history of this game is interesting.

    Sure the outside levels resembled Super Mario Bros enough to get the pants sued off them. The indoor levels look more like Dangerous Dave. The mechanics and gameplay remind me more of Alex Kidd.

    It’s very generic but not too just with the game that got them sued. Still it’s a classic. This was years ahead of Commander Keen.

    1. There are many 'special editions'. Starting with New Wave's Giana Sisters 2 from 1989, through the approximately 8 games that were created with Prof Knibble's construction kit (Furry Knibble Girls 2 is unfortunately lost to this day), up to The7A3's Giana Sisters II, with its construction kit this game was also created.
      I played through it today. It has some clever level designs, only the underwater levels are dispensable imo. Nevertheless, this is one of the better of the 'Giana Sisters Hacks' because it's playable, but unfortunately shortened by half. The original had 33 levels.

  2. thanks for super awesome release, need to check every pixel of this game :D What do you think would this game get banned or sued as a "copy" of something in these days ? always having hard hitting facepalm when this gets compared to mario.

  3. Sadly the blocks with the extras don't seem to work if you set the start item to 0 (which means you are not cheating and allowed to save). Weird.

  4. Completed game today, last stage is epic!!!


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