DOOM on the ZX Spectrum 128k by Digital Reality ( tzx version recovered )

Doom was never officially released on the ZX Spectrum , nor was it released on any other system of that time. Doom was just way beyond in computer development, but now you can play it in very retro style, thanks to Digital Reality. This looks as if it was officially released on the ZX in all it's first person goodness, as it's a damn fine Remake indeed. But don't get too excited, as although you can play the game, it still believed to be just a Demo and you'll most likely need an emulator or a real 128k speccy too.

Here's what Planet Sinclair says about the game, which was originally released as a TR-DOS disk back in 1996. "Would you ever imagine that it would be possible to play Doom on your ZX Spectrum 128K? It is quite true that there was a TRD version for the clones, but we had not yet found a .tzx version. For that was what was in one of Mario Viegas' tapes and we managed to make its preservation. Just keep in mind that being the game very demanding in terms of the use of computer memory sometimes crash, especially when we use the cuffs. Besides, it's quite playable"

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  1. Imagine if this came out in the 80s!

    1. That would mean time travel is be possible. Original is from 93 ...

  2. It's still just unbelievable what they can do. And I to this day haven't seen anything on the C64 that would compare. Not to mean to compare in that sense, but I was sincerely hoping for, well, SOMEthing on that other popular computer. Maybe Red Serpent will do it. Whenever that is out.

  3. Cant seem to get it running in any of the emulators I have to hand. Anyone recommend one that works?

  4. It is not always clear what is moving and in which direction. :) But it's great for the Spectrum.

  5. Who would want to playthrough a game like this? You have to be a fanatic for that. The music is great though.


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