Xelden Ring - A fully 3D rendered WIP game for the MSX by Brain Games

Throughout this month we've tried our best to give you the latest in top quality game news. Games such as Dread for the Amiga being the highlight with over 63 thousand views beating our all time record! Well here we are with another game that is sure to be a bit of an eye opener especially in the MSX scene, and it's 'Xelden Ring' by Brain Games for the MSX 1. A work in progress action adventure RPG, that is fully 3D rendered with unique features that can be seen being played in the latest footage provided below by Saberman.


Here's the latest blurb from the competition. " Leave it to Santi to come up with some sophisticated, highly technical, MSX1 game, as this one falls in that category. Xelden Ring started as an ambitious project to see if it would be possible to create a first-person 3d action RPG as those seen in modern computers and consoles, but running on our classic MSX machines. Judge for yourself to see if this attempt is a success. The game follows in the category of “happy world turned into hell when demons arrived”. Your job is clear, rid the world of the baddies and get the girl. You adventure begins in a town called Middlebridge. What follows is yet unsure"

Links :1) Source  2) Play Online


  1. Incredible work!

  2. This is running on Turbo-R /Risc R800 at 7.159MHz/, on a stock z80 it runs "a bit" slower.

    1. Thanks, now the video makes sense. Still, very impressive and looks like a very ambitous and fascinating game.

  3. This should be mind blowing. It will be interesting to see how much actually goes into this project.

  4. Wow that's absolutely amazing. So the Coleco and SG1000 could run this I assume? =O imagine if this came out in the 80s!

  5. Wow, coll stuff


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