Phenix Corrupta - Action adventure game for the MSX released by Casper Croes

The MSX developer entries just keep on coming, as after previously announcing the family friendly game of Snake and Rhino in the Sketchbook for the MSXDev'23 competition, along comes the 27th entry as a horror-themed action adventure game called 'Phenix Corrupta' by Casper Croes. A game in which you must lead a lady through tough times in hell, and cross the river Styx to get out. To coincide with this news, as ever Saberman has done a video showing the game being played. 

Here's the latest from the website. "Hell ain’t such a bad place to be, according to some. Dante’s 9 rings of Inferno might change that point of view, given the horror and pain described. According to the story of this game, you somehow crossed over, and ended up in there. Indeed, it turned out to be absolute hell. Navigate your way out, collecting items, beating dark foes and finding unexplored paths. In this metroidvania styled exploration game for MSX2, you’ll find yourself running in circles soon enough, wondering if you’ll ever find your way out.

Links :1) Source 2) Play Online


  1. Excellent detail!

  2. completed and was great experience.
    really appreciate it, Casper Croes !
    i suppose this is the only beginning.. isn't it ?

  3. Great game, atmospheric. Challenging but fair. Recommended.


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