EVIL DUNGEON II - The sequel to a great RPG-based Fantasy Adventure for the C64 by RetroArts

If you're looking to play a new RPG full of monsters, dark dungeons and loot on your Commodore 64, then make sure to check out the latest release of EVIL DUNGEON II: The sequel to a great RPG-based Fantasy Adventure for the C64. A game which was also released by RetroArts in February of this year. To coincide with this news, Saberman has provided a video of the game as he battles Orcs, Skeletons and other nasties throughout the dungeon of evil!

Here is what the website says about the game "Today, the digital download version of EVIL DUNGEON II is available for all C64 retro nerds out there in either English or German. EVIL DUNGEON II is a BASIC V2 programmed RPG-based Fantasy adventure. The story of Alrik, a young adventurer who is seeking revenge for his parents who got killed by a group of orcs. Again he has to  explore a deadly maze full of monsters, adventure and secrets!".

What awaits you in EVIL DUNGEON II?

  • A brand new fantasy story
  • A new maze, enemies, objects and puzzles
  • Exclusive theme and background music by Nordischsound (Benjamin Dibbert)
  • Two alternate endings!
  • Quick save function
  • English and German version on one disk/image
  • Physical Collector’s Edition
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  1. $10 for a Basic game???

    1. I agree. If it were a bit less I'd bite. First game was pretty good. Second game looks an awful lot like the ffirst to put down the full 10$. Always happy to see new games for old systems though. Good luck with sale!

    2. Why is it relevant that it's coded in BASIC? Some of the coolest games for the C64 are coded in BASIC like Pirates or Mafia. In the end, the fun matters, and for me, this game is pretty cool and I really like it. Keep on building cool stuff and ignore the trolls!

    3. I love the physical collector's editions! They transfer the passion behind the projects into your hands.

  2. Molto meglio ma moooooolto meglio giochi come Sam Journey o Dragon's Lair Escape from Single Castle oppure il bellissimo Briley Witch Chronicles !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes I agree, Sam and Briley are $10 games but totally worth it. Evil Dungeon can't be compared to that price range, it is nice as a giveaway but not a $10 game please have some common sense.

  3. Hey people. I decided to put EVIL DUNGEON 2 on Halloween sale later this day on itch.io for 50% off.

  4. Hey people. I heard your feedback and lowered the price to $4.99.
    There is 10% more off the next days on itch.io's Halloween Sale 2023.
    Hope you like the game and the new price fits more your expectations.
    If you are unsure about the game itself, try EVIL DUNGEON part 1. It's still available for free!
    Give it a try.


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