Vampire Vengeance - A great game has been released for the Commodore 64 by PATAGONIA

It's time for the Commodore 64 community to get an early morning retro gaming heads up, as earlier today we were informed by our good friend and Youtubber Saberman, that PATAGONIA has released a new game for the Commodore 64 called 'Vampire Vengeance'; A high quality C64 game that was not only presented at the Flashparty 2023, but from those that have played it have said 'Very good game' and 'Awesome game highly recommended for our retro computers'. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also provided a video showing the game in action.

Here's the latest from the website. "The mission was to annihilate the lord of shadows and all his subjects. The battle was fierce, leaving a large number of victims on both sides. But finally, a few knights managed to access the main crypt and confront Orlack. The count managed to defeat a dozen warriors before being cornered by the invaders. The end had come. However, he managed to transform once again into his vampiric form, escaping between spears and arrows into the dark night of Transylvania. Years passed and the wounds of war were healing. Earl Orlack made the lonely return home and only one word kept him alive. Vengeance".


  • Author: Ariel Endaraues
  • Code & Gfx: Juan Castiñeira
  • Code Support: Centralperk
  • Music: et1999cc
  • Intro Screen: WEC
  • Testing: Cami, Wanda, Fede, Martin, Nahuel

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  1. Very nice !!!! Great game thanks boys !!

  2. Seems like an ambitious take on the Jet Set Willy genre. Storytelling through "acts". A player character that can both jump & fly and NPCs that do not only walk to & fro but also jumps & flies!


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