El Capitan Trueno - A rather unusual Commodore Amiga game gets an update

If you're not feeling festive just yet, then how about this game update that's just been sent to us by Saberman, it's AMIGA FACTORY's in development RedPill based game ' El Capitan Trueno ' for the Commodore Amiga! A game that the creator says was developed using a Commodore Amiga 1200 with a Blizzard 1230-IV. To coincide with this news, you can check out the latest video of the game being played below.

This is what was said in brief by the creator (badly translated sorry!). "I think it convenient to remember that the 2nd phase of the game was available for 8-bit versions, and that this game is a port from the PC version which only had the 1st game phase, but with graphics and improved movements and digitized sounds. For this reason, This game does not have some of the parts of the 8bit version! I also want to say that because of my experience and conversations in forums of my previous 2 games, that ALL games made using REDPILL require at least 2Mb of RAM and a CPU of 020 is required as minimum" 

  • -Added a gradient/gradient to the first screens outside the monastery.
  • -The ball thrown by the skeleton is now heavier, more similar to the original.
  • -Fixed block on screen 26 remaining disabled when replaying the game.
  • -Added black fade when entering and exiting screens.

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  1. This game was great on ZX spectrum good to see in Amiga

  2. I cant help but sigh (or slap my forehead!) each time I see a game based on REDPILL! Needing at least a 68020 & 2mb Ram for a lot of games produced with it just doesn't seem right! It must have some redeeming features I guess otherwise why would people use it? Unless its just habit or they are unaware of the Scorpion Engine.

    1. RedPill is AMIGA software and Scorpion Engine is PC software.

    2. Well now I understand why its used; a game developer gets the nostalgia feeling using Amiga software to make Amiga Games, kind of fun/novel. That said if the end result is that the said Amiga game cant be used on anywhere near as many actual Amiga Computers compared to if they had just used much more effective PC software, kind of puts a dampener on the end result of their efforts!

  3. Some of the animations are quite nice.


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