Kung Fu Master GX4000 Reskin 2023 - A graphically overhauled Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000 version of a classic 80's game!

Those of you looking for some fresh weekly news for the Amstrad have come to the right place, as both Saberman and Xenomorph have informed us of a brand new remake/reskin that has been released for the CPC+ and GX4000 called "Kung Fu Master GX4000 Reskin 2023" Now if you remember the 1980's game of Kung Fu Master which was released in the Arcades and later the Atari 2600, C64 and other 8bit's, then you really should give this overhauled version a go! As in the words of the team "A GX4000 CPC+ game conversion and reskin as a nod to that classic Arcade game".

If you've never played Kung Fu Master, this is what the wikipedia says about the game "Kung-Fu Master was an influential game that had a significant cultural impact. It is regarded as the first beat 'em up brawler, and an early example of the side-scrolling character action game genre, which became popular during the mid-to-late 1980s. The game was also a major commercial success, topping the Japanese arcade charts and becoming America's second highest-grossing arcade game of 1985, while receiving critical acclaim for its fast-paced, side-scrolling gameplay and detailed, colorful graphics".

  • CodeFix : Cyrille Ayor61  ( GGP group )
  • Sprites design / HUD / Screen : Maitre Joe GGP
  • CPC+ palette
  • Sprites reskin
  • HUD and info design reskin
  • Cheat infinite lifes possible
  • joypad controls

Links :1) Website


  1. terrible... :( (sorry for being blunt...)

    1. Even though the UI design at the top is a bit much and almost overpowering compared to the original ( sometimes simplistic is better ), the actual game re-design is bloody brilliant and looks perfect on the GX4000

    2. Same here, IMHO It could be better. Come on! IIRC CPC+ has hardware scroll so remove that big banner!!!.

    3. It would be a whole new project started from scratch

  2. Nice idea to reskin games with Plus colours like this. Just wish the Amstrad port was a little better although it's much better than Speccy version.


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