Super Bagman - JOTD's latest Arcade to Amiga conversion!

Looking through the EAB forums for some game developments to feature, and we've found out that JOTD has released an almost complete/final version of the Arcade to Amiga conversion of 'Super Bagman'. A game which the creator says has not only been converted from an original Z80 disassembly from the arcade game, but has multiple screens instead of 3, difficulty going from "hard" to "brutal" although an easy mode is provided, and music by no9. To coincide with this news, you can see the latest footage of this version in Saberman's video below.

Here's what Arcade Museum says about the game. "Your character is a robber. Run around a mine collecting moneybags and depositing them in a wheelbarrow at the top of the screen. Climb ladders and ride elevators to avoid two angry miners. Grab pickaxes and other objects to temporarily stun your pursuers. Super Bagman was produced by Stern Electronics in 1984. Stern Electronics released 67 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1977. Other machines made by Stern Electronics during the time period Super Bagman was produced include Black Beauty, Lazorlord, Gold Medal With Bruce Jenner, Speed Coin, Lazer Lord, Mazer Blazer, Cliff Hanger, Lost Tomb, Goal To Go, and Great Guns".

Please note as this is an almost complete version, unless there are any major changes, consider this a release candidate :) 

:1) Discussion 2) Download Super Bagman  3) Bagman

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