Bagman - An Arcade classic as an Amiga remake reaches final!

Another Amiga feature for this evening, as we've recently been contacted by Saberman, that Jotd's previously announced Amiga remake of the 1982 game 'Bagman', has now been officially released as a final version. A game in which the creator says is a GPL remake of the excellent Valadon Automation arcade game, dissembled so the guard movement is more or less the same, as well as elevators. To coincide with this news update, we've got some brand new footage of the game that can be viewed below.

The objective of the game is to maneuver the bagman through various mine shafts, picking up money bags and placing them in a wheelbarrow at the surface of the mine. The player must avoid pursuing guards, moving ore carts, and descending elevators. The player may temporarily stun the guards by striking them with a pickaxe or by dropping money bags on them when they are below the player on the same ladder. The player may move between the three screens which make up the level via shafts and on the surface (wiki).

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  1. This looks great. Sure, it's not as immediately impressive as a full screen doom clone, but it's clear a lot of work into getting this as close to the arcade as possible, and it's a great game to play. Kudos to the developer!

  2. oh wow - I remember playing this in the arcade back in the days. Really would have liked it for the Amiga way back...


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