Abbey(s) of the Dead - Indie Retro News C64 Game of the Year 2019 gets an enhanced Amiga version!

Throughout these last few years we've been constantly banging on the drums about the fabulous C64 game 'L'abbaye Des Morts', which was developed by Antonio Savona, with graphics, music, sfx by Saul Cross and Gryzor, with full permission of Locomalito (Original Version). Well fast forward to today and boy do we have some great news for you if you have Commodore Amiga however! As if you've played this version on the C64 or the more recent Amiga version by Jeegfro, then as of today you can play UltraNarwhal's enhanced version, which is also available for the Amiga!

Not only has this version been created using Earok's excellent Scorpion engine, but it also features redrawn Amiga graphics, a whole new alternative map with new stuff not featured in the original game, an original and alternative mode, more than 20 challenging rooms, multiple enemy types such as a Dragon, Skeletons and Spiders, secret passages and hidden rooms, and pretty much everything else that made this retro-styled platformer so good on the PC and all of the other ports mentioned in our previous articles.


  • Made by UltraNarwhalBased on l'Abbaye des Morts by Locomalito (
  • Created with Scorpion Engine by Erik Hogan.
  • Fenwick Woodtype (modified) original font by Dieter Steffmann
  • Virgo.01 (modified) original font by Vic Fieger
  • Music by Songerson

Links :1) Website  2) NES 3) C64 Version 4) MSX 5) ZX Spectrum 6) PC Version

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  1. It's a commendable effort but I'm ambivalent about the music. It's quite good and all but the whole Abbaye dès Morts experience was totally rooted on the eerie atmosphere created by Gryzor87's excellent music, so opting for creating a completely new theme instead of just remaking the original breaks the experience for me. Just imagine remaking Monty on the Run and ditching Ron Hubbard's legendary music for some new tunes – it just doesn't work, regardless of the objective quality of said new tunes. This is the exactly the same.


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