RogueCraft - An awesome looking Amiga roguelike from Badger Punch Games is nearly complete!

Another late hour news story for you all and one I think that is well worth a mention, as we've recently been informed through Twitter by Badger Punch Games, who were behind the amazing Commodore 64 roguelike of 'Rogue64'. That they have released some new highlight footage for the upcoming Commodore Amiga game of 'RogueCraft'. An Amiga version of Rogue64 which features much higher quality detail, addictive gameplay and top quality sound effects all set within a Lovecraft-inspired theme.

Here's what the website says about the game. "Roguecraft is a modern turn-based roguelike focused on simplicity and fun. It is a dungeon crawler where each play-through is a unique experience. As you progress in the game you will combat meaner monsters and tougher challenges. You only have one life, so you have to be careful, but if you reach the end there are wonderful rewards to be gathered! Roguecraft is currently under development for the Commodore Amiga, with other platforms to follow".


  • Procedural generated levels.
  • Unique experience for each play-through.
  • Quick sessions - most games last 30-40 minutes to completion .
  • Glorious pixelated graphics.
  • Lovely music by Sami Louko

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  1. It really looks amazing! One of the best looking games lately if youre into pixel art. Superb.

  2. Odio la grafica procedurale !!!!!!!!!!
    Deve essere messa al bando, abolita per sempre !!!! Chi ha orecchie per capire, capisce !!

  3. Oh my! This looks amazing!

  4. This looks so great, reminds me of Darkmere

  5. Pleeeease evercade exclusive cart pleeease ill pay for this on a single game cart.

  6. Looks amazing. Sounds great too


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