Alice Sisters - After 3 years of development this game is now available for the Atari Falcon computer

Every time I post the latest Commodore Amiga news, I always get the same response through Facebook , with one such user saying " Atari Falcon When? ". Well thankfully today we can help you out! As thanks to Liqmatrix contacting us the other day, he has told us that OrionSoft has made available the Atari Falcon game of 'Alice Sisters'. A new puzzle platformer with 28 levels in 4 worlds and a 2 players co-op mode that can be seen being played in this latest footage provided below.

Here's the latest from the creator(s). "After 3 years of development, Alice Sisters is now available for the Atari Falcon computer. This game works on both Atari Falcon 030 and 060, 7 mbytes of RAM is required, 26 mbytes of disk space is required. It works on VGA or TV. An effort was made so that you can install the game using only 4 HD floppy disk despite the final game taking up to 22 mbytes on the harddrive. The game was originally made for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive".

"This Atari Falcon version is not perfect and has cutdowns due to the obvious hardware limitation of the Atari Falcon compared to the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. This port took me almost 3 years, an insane amount of efforts, about 2000 lines of assembly code only for the graphics rendering part. The game runs at 30fps, I know it's not perfect, there are some little graphic glitches, it could run at 60fps with some DML guru coders technics, but it's the best I can do with my coding skills".

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  1. "This Atari Falcon version is not perfect and has cutdowns due to the obvious hardware limitation of the Atari Falcon compared to the Sega Genesis/Megadrive"
    I understand the coder may not be up to the task to port it perfectly and I commend him for even trying, but blaming the much superior hw of the Falcon (compared to MD) for his short comings?

  2. maybe you forgot that the megadrive have a VDP graphic chip which can display two layers with multidirection scrolling and parallax capabilities plus 80 sprites on screen at 60 FPS ? there is no way a falcon can do this at this speed. Please don't just compare the 68000 at 8mhz vs 68030 at 16mhz, the graphics chip can do so much more than the CPU, it's like a modern GPU. I don't think you ever coded something on the falcon for real, how many games runs at 60fps on falcon ? almost none because the memory bus is slow as hell.

    1. Super Stario Land runs at 50 fps on an STE, so...

    2. << many games runs at 60fps on falcon ? almost none...>>

      What ? This is false, stop your misinformation! You speak without knowing Falcon030...
      The majority of 2D Falcon games run at 50/60 fps !
      Also in chunky 65536 colors mode (Aazhom Krypt, Wotanoid, Galaga 88, Pacmania, Blum...),
      that in planar 256 colors mode (Killing Impact, Willie's adventure, Impulse, Evolution dino dude, radical race, Pinball Dreams, Downfall, ...).

      Well done Orion, and thank you for supporting the Atari computers ! ;)

  3. I think it’s great to see the Atari STE and Falcon getting some love. Thanks Orionsoft!


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