Classic NES game 'Duck Hunt' unofficially released on the Commodore Amiga, gets a new update

If you've ever had a Nintendo and a Light Gun, then chances are that you would've played the 1984/95 NES game of 'Duck Hunt': A game in which players fired a NES Zapper at a CRT television, with three attempts per round to shoot ducks and clay pigeons. Well if you remember our previous announcement  that marggines unofficially released the classic NES game of ' Duck Hunt ' over to the Commodore Amiga, then as of today you can play the 1.2 update which is featured in Saberman's latest video below.

Duck Hunt is a fantastic arcade game that takes its inspiration from the original classic that was released way back in the 1980's on the NES. You must shoot the moving ducks down with your mouse and see how many points you can score! The hunting is fun and the controls to aim and fire your weapon are simple to master. Duck Hunt has always been a great game to play and as such can be enjoyed by everyone who has a Commodore Amiga with the newest of updates. 

The game has been tested on :
  • Amiga 500 (2mb chip) + pistorm
  • A500 mini
  • FSUAE - A1200 + 8mb fast
  • New clouds
  • The background is shaded
  • A different start-up screen
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  1. Does it support light gun?

  2. NES version is still quite fun esp under Wii -NES emulator- (Wii-mote in gun-adapor)

  3. Such a simple game requires 10mb?

    1. I am guessing the graphics have been done in a modern uncompressed format which would eat up alot of ram.

    2. Game works on an A500 with 1MB Chip RAM. It does not require anything more than that, it was just tested to work on various other configurations.

  4. Just needs the Duck Hunt music and actual Light Gun support.


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