DR. ACULA - The direct sequel to FRANK N. STEIN is now available for the ZX Spectrum

Looking through the latest Facebook posts for new retro games to feature on Indie Retro News, and we've come across a post by Mark, that after a forty year wait, DR. ACULA the direct sequel to FRANK N. STEIN by Colin Stewart is now available for the ZX Spectrum! A game that features nails, bats, horror cats, devil dogs, ice, slime, vertical walls, man eating pumpkins, spiders, mice, perilous platforms, lobsters, crocodile heads, snakes, piranhas and even evil ducks! To coincide with this news, we've got further info about the game's story, as well as a screenshot and video soon from Saberman.

THE STORY: "As well we know, our old friend Professor Frank N. Stein was a keen bone collector. With most of his work done in a graveyard, in the grounds of a nearby castle, owned by the vampire Dr. Acula. And Dr. Acula wasn't very happy about that...  One night, Acula captured Frank and locked him away in his castle. But Frank hatched a cunning plan to escape by constructing a coffin, knowing that it would be impossible for Dr. Acula to resist clambering into it and, once Frank had nailed down the lid, he would be trapped for all eternity! Unfortunately, Dr. Acula managed to escape, destroying the coffin and unleashing his hoard of bats on Professor Frank. The only hope would be to grab a crucifix and send Dr. Acula back into the shadows, while trying to build another coffin".

Links :1) Website (Playable online too)

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  1. walks like a Manic Miner, nice loading screen.


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