Penguin Attack - A great Arcade game released by Pat Morita Team for the ZX Spectrum

Thanks to another heads up from Saberman, we've been told that Pat Morita Team who behind games such as Vampire Slayer, Ninjakul 2, Shovel Adventure and the brilliant Arcade like conversion of Tokimal for the ZX Spectrum. Has released the brand new ZX Spectrum game of Penguin Attack. A high quality and fun for all the family Arcade game in which you have to throw snowballs at Penguin's and Octopus's for a high score. To coincide with this news story, make sure to check out the latest footage of the game which has been made viewable below.

If you want to play one of the more enjoyable games released for the ZX Spectrum, other than of cause Tokimal which was released some time ago, then make sure to play Penguin Attack by Pat Morita Team. Not only is it a lot of fun to play throwing snowballs at Penguins and Octopus's, but the loading screen looks brilliant, the graphics are very decent, and the music is a joy to listen too. So yes if you have an ZX Spectrum, make sure to load this game today!

Links :1) Source 2) Amstrad CPC Version


  1. looks addictive, the type of one more go before bed. Also looks nice and responsive.

  2. Played on my real 128k speccy with CRT and what a great game! Real arcade feeling! Thanks and gratz for one of the better retro games released in awhile.

  3. You didn't catch any fish???

    1. They always play badly. I assumed it would was on purpose, either to get comments or so people will think "I can do better" and download it. I think it makes the games look dull and unappealing


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