Spinning Image - A 50 level puzzle game released by Carleton Handley for the C64

If you love playing puzzle games, then you might like to play this new game by Carleton Handley called 'Spinning Image' for the Commodore 64. As in the words of the creator, "Spinning Image is a game where you gradually build up the image on the playfield to match the solution on the right of the screen. Blocks must be placed onto the board as well as being removed to help build up to completion". To coincide with this news, Saberman has provided a gameplay video below.

Also as noted by the website "Spinning Image for the Commodore 64 has 50 levels to tackle which come in five sets of ten. The levels in a set can be tackled in any order but the following set is only unlocked when at least eight levels in its preceding set are solved. As you progress through the game further obstacles appear such as bouncing wall or portals. Can you complete all 50 images?"

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  1. I like it very mucho mucho!

  2. Once upon a time I was thinking of making a Guru Logi Champ clone myself on the C64. Happy to see that someone else did it and it seems very well presented! Excellent stuff!

  3. Good to see another puzzler from Carleton Handley! I remember reviewing another puzzler from him (Millie and Molly) for a retro games magazine a few years ago. That was also a very good and challenging game.

    1. Indeed! And the Hi-Res gfx is beautiful!

  4. Looks like an 8 bit demake of Guru Logi Champ on the GBA. Looks fantastic


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